Is HDB an Asset or your biggest Liability?

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Your HDB is not an asset - Robert Kiosaki

“Your property is not an asset” by Robert Kiosaki
Take a look at the video to understand why your property is not an asset

Watch video below to find out why did he say that

According to the renowned Writer and Investor, Mr. Robert Kiyosaki, an asset puts money into your pocket, while a liability takes money out. Even if your HDB is fully paid, it remains a liability due to the ongoing costs associated with homeownership.
Owning a property for personal use incurs various costs, including utility, maintenance fees, season parking, and mortgage. While homeownership is a necessity, it’s crucial to be financially educated about its implications.

Cost of owning your property

HDB is not an asset - cost of owning a HDB
HDB is not an asset My-HDB-still-increased-in-value

Although your HDB may currently show an increase in value, as it ages, its appreciation slows or depreciates. Using HDB loans and CPF for payments can result in losing out on mortgage and CPF interest.
Consider a case study: Blk 128A Punggol Field Walk’s price trend and breakeven point after factoring in a 2.6% HDB loan and 2.5% CPF interest.

your HDB is not an asset - 128A-Punggol-Field-Walk-price-trend-vs-breakeven-price-2

Purchasing at Point A and selling at Point B yields good returns, but selling at Point C could lead to losses. Imagine buying at Point B – what would your hard-earned money be worth today?
Looking at the Figure below, comparing the prices of a 5-bedroom flat for Punggol in 2012 & 2019/20 respectively we can see a stark difference of $200,000. What a painful loss for those who held onto their flats! In hindsight, with the right advice and immaculate timing, such things can be avoided. 

Your HDB is not an asset - Punggol-5-bedroom-comparison

Let’s do a quick Math on your HDB.

If you are taking a 25-year HDB Loan and using your CPF to pay for your installment.
Your property will need to increase by 2.1% in value every year.
So if you have stayed in your HDB for 20 years.
Then use 20 x 2.1% = 42% + 3% Stamp Duty paid = 45%
Use your HDB purchased price + 45% = Breakeven price.


A property that appreciates or gives you money every month is an asset.
You either get the proceeds from increased in value or rental income out of it.

The following figure shows the latest transactions of High Park Residences. The profit from the sale makes the property a good asset.

Your HDB is not an asset - HIgh-Park-Residences-Profitable-Transaction

And the next figures show the rental of the similar property marked above.

Your HDB is not an asset - High-Park-residences-rental-data
Your HDB is not an Asset - High-Park-Residences-Rental-Income

The High Park Residences units not only made a good profit and if the owner chose to rent, but they can also expect a good 4% rental yield and a $399 monthly cash flow after your Tenant helps you to pay for your Mortgage too! That makes it a very good asset.


Your HDB is not an Asset - Asset-Building-Steps

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Your HDB is not an Asset - Steven Chia Property Consultancy

Hi! My name is Steven Chia

You have seen many ads, telling you should upgrade or sell 1 or buy 2 properties…

But how many are willing to tell you the truth?

And how many really understand your struggle?

Personally, I have experienced the struggle most Singaporean families are facing. My parents failed to plan ahead and were complacent. And they have a stressful retirement. Fearful of the future of not having enough. I promised myself to change that. Not just for me but for people around me.

My job is as a Real Estate Consultant, but my goal is to help you improve your life during retirement.Since 2008 I have seen many customers improve their financial capability for a comfortable retirement. They feel safe and happy knowing they are well prepared for what’s coming in the future.

Some of my customers who benefited from my Asset Progression Strategy

Rivercove Potential $200k to $300K profit!
Rivercove Potential $200k to $300k Profits
The Affinity Potential $100k Profits
The Affinity Potential $100k Profits
Upgrade to 5 room HDB
Upgrade to 5 room HDB
Treasure Crest Potential $460k Profits
Treasure Crest Potential $460k Profits
Ecopolitan potential $530k Profits
Ecopolitan potential $530k Profits
High Park Residences Potential $200k Profits
High Park Residences Potential $200k Profits

Let’s Do A Case Study

Back in 2014, Mr. and Mrs Chia were both forced into retirement. In order to come up with funds for retirement, they had no choice but to sell off their 4-room HDB flat at Bedok and moved in to live their son…
From the sale, they got out $450,000 in Cash and CPF savings which was intended for their retirement…


But It Wasn’t Enough!

Breaking down $450,000 for two people, for the next 20 years…
That’s only a mere $937.50 PER MONTH!

How Much Is Enough To Retire In Singapore?

Your HDB is not an Asset - Retirement-news-article

You’ll need $1,000,000 for 20 years of Basic Retirement in Singapore…

That’s not including loans, debts, family welfare, entertainment… And with increasing costs of living due to inflation, how exactly could they “afford retirement”?

Your HDB is not an Asset - Cost of Retirement in Singapore

This is happening EVERY DAY to many families in Singapore…

Amid an impending recession and an aging population, many older couples struggle in retirement due to financial constraints. It’s time to break free from the “Retirement Trap” by leveraging your home, possibly your most significant asset.

Let’s turn back time…

If we go back 7 years to 2007 before they were forced out of retirement, and they had the option to sell their house. They would have had proceeds of $222,000.


If they had chosen to re-invest that $222,000 into another home…

The proceeds of $222,000 actually opened up 2 possibilities for them. They could either use it as down payment for a different HDB flat OR buy into a Condominium…Let’s see how the choices would have affected their retirement:

Purchasing a bigger HDB

If they had chosen to upgrade to a 5-room HDB flat from 2007… If they were forced out of retirement 5 years later, they could have sold and made an additional $140,000 for retirement.That would have given them a more comfortable $2,500/month for retirement, instead of the $1800/month.


Purchasing a Private Condominium

But if they had bought a condominium with the same amount of money at 2007 and sold at 2014, they could have made an additional $1,100,000 for retirement!That would have put them at $6,500/month for the next 20 years of retirement!


The Only Difference Between The Two Choices Was:

The initial down-payment and monthly installment…
But they could afford it! If they had made the decision to swap just 7 years back, they would have been in a very different situation for their retirement…




You have read this far…

It indicates your desire for a better retirement. Whether you want to stop working, advance your retirement, travel freely, or pamper yourself and your grandchildren, your home holds the key.

Now is your chance to reassess your retirement situation. Discover if swapping your HDB is a viable option, with safety measures and even without using your savings. This opportunity to escape the “Retirement Trap” is very achievable, but everyone’s situation is different. Take the first step with a Property Health Check.

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